The Toe Shape Guide – Part 1

Choosing the right cowboy boot for a special occasion or everyday wear can be a challenging task to take on. To make things even more complicated, the vast amounts of toe shapes boot manufacturers have to offer can leave your head spinning! To help you figure things out and shine some light into the most popular toe shapes, the boot experts at Don Juan Boots in the RGV have prepared a list that will give you all the insight you need to make the right choice.

Keeping it Classic

Cowboy boot enthusiasts have long argued which toe shape deserves to be ranked as the classic shape. One side of the argument swears boots with extra pointy tips are the most authentic ones. However, the other side of the argument is sure rounded tips are as authentic as it gets. The truth is both sides have a point. Authentic cowboy boots are known to have a toe that gets smaller towards the tip, but is also rounded. This hybrid shape allowed our cowboy forefathers slip their boots into their stirrups with ease, making everyday tasks way more practical.

Making a Point

The 1950s made pointed toe cowboy boots a popular choice for many cowboys. This popularity was further heightened by the modern fashion of the 2000s. Pointed cowboy boots can often be “needle pointed” or snipped and blunted at the end of the tip. If you’re looking to order a pair of pointed boots, know that there’s no need for you to go up a size. Cowboy boot manufacturers take foot size into consideration so you can go for the size you always wear.

Stay Tuned for More

At Don Juan Boots we know RGV cowboys are always on the hunt for the perfect boot. We want to continue to make things easier for you, so stay tuned to part 2 of our toe shape series where we will share even more valuable information. If you’re looking for a new pair of our Nile Crocodile boots or our Caiman Belly boots, give us a call at 956.781.3194 today.