The Toe Shape Guide – Part 2

When it comes to cowboy boots, the tip really does matter. So what toe shape will you be going for when picking out a pair at Don Juan Boots? In part one of our toe shape blog, we brought you some insight on some of the most popular types of toe shapes cowboys from around the nation are sinking their feet into. Now, the boot enthusiasts from Don Juan Boots in the Rio Grande Valley will bring you even more information that will help you find exactly what you want.

Making the Rounds

If you’re looking for unmatched comfort, then round toe boots will do the trick. The amount of roominess in this type of boot allows your toes to spread out as you please. While not ideal for long-distance riding, round toe boots work great as a walking or casual boot.

Squaring Off

Generally known as a fashion statement, square toe boots offer a fresh and hip twist on the classic cowboy boot which has become popular in the last few years. This type of toe can be commonly found in both riding and walking boots, giving you a great alternative to the traditional styles you may be accustomed to.

Broad and Roomy

In the last few years, broad square toe boots have become one of the best-selling alternatives for the public. This type of boot gives you the most room to spread out your toes, making it an ideal choice for cowboys who are constantly on their feet.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re just about ready to make a choice, visit Don Juan Boots in the Rio Grande Valley today. Our boot experts will help you try the boot you like and give you all the information you need to make the perfect choice. If you’re looking for something like our Nile Crocodile boot or our Caiman Belly boot, know that you’ll walk out of our store with exactly what you wanted. For more information about our services, call us today at 956.781.3194.